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It seems like a fire has come to the coin market for the first time in a long time. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic rose 9.4%/17.5% respectively ahead of the 2.0 update. In the case of Eichl, it has already more than doubled compared to five days ago, and Ethercoin, the leader of Alts, has also risen more than 40%. ​

As expected, the coin board has been quiet since the sound of the wailing came outI feel like I’m repeating myself at some point Haha

In this rebound, it is possible to make profits with Upbit, a domestic exchange, but some people may be looking for an option to make more profits by using the futures trading function of overseas exchanges

For those people, this article will introduce MEXC, an overseas crypto exchange

Sign up for MEXC and events

MEXC is an emerging overseas coin exchange, with MX, a dedicated token, and various functions that are not supported in Korea, such as “Kickstarter/Lunch Pad/M-DAY/Gift Trade.” In particular, if you use futures trading, you can also use leverage using investments larger than your own capital

However, it is important to note that since it is an overseas coin exchange, it is possible to deposit and withdraw funds without any “travel rules” problems only when you sign up for the exchange in the name registered with Upbit or Bithumb in Korea. Before signing up, you must sign up with a name & mobile phone number that matches Upbit or Bithumb and obtain KYC certification

Otherwise, if you send funds recklessly and get caught in a travel rule, you have to submit almost 10 documents to Upbit in your photo on your seal certificate, which is really annoying. It’s easy to collect if you send the wrong Tron, but it’s really bad if you mistakenly deposit a ripple with a destination tag

Also, the biggest advantage of MEXC is that it supports Korean even though it is an overseas exchange

If you go to the main site, 100% Korean is supported in this way, and a fee exemption event for Tron/Ripple, a coin for transmission, is underway, and an event is also underway to pay futures transactions when new members deposit funds only. In addition, there are many other events such as friend invitation events and futures trading volume achievement events.

Check out the details at the bottom of the article!

The next thing to look at is the fee system of the MEXC exchange. I think it’s the most important part, but if you take 0.25% as tax like domestic stocks or pay 0.1% as transaction fees like overseas stocks and get 22% of transfer taxes, it will be difficult to hit a single hit and there will be nothing left even if you make money. The exchange shows a reasonable fee

It is a low commission rate of 0.02% of the designated price fee and 0.04% of the market price fee when trading futures. The difference between the designated price and the market price is not to buy coins immediately, but to wait for a purchase or sale order at the asking price range in advance and sign an order when it comes to my order, and the market price is trading immediately at the current asking price.

It would be good to keep in mind that if you make an immediate transaction at the market price, you can quickly grab a position, but the fee is a little expensive at 0.04%.

However, if it is 0.02% for 100 million won worth of coin transactions, the fee is 20,000 won/0.04% and the fee is about 40,000 won, so please refer to it. And originally, the transaction fee on the MEXC exchange is 0.06% of the market price, but it is the invitation code to be guided below, and it is applied as an SVIP grade when signing up as a member, and a 0.04% fee is applied.

Therefore, it would be better to sign up as SVIP grade if possible

Simply sign up for membership & KYC certification

Let’s do it!


It is very simple to receive commission benefits with the SVIP rating and how to sign up for membership, and if you sign up by cell phone or e-mail after entering the link box above, it will be completed simply.

You can put at least one case and special character in the password, and sign up after receiving the authentication code. Promotional code is automatically applied [mexc-HZHZ] If you leave the code, you will automatically receive a 0.04% discount!

I’ve signed up so far, but next, it’s better to authenticate KYC’s identity. It is the same concept as ID authentication used to create stock accounts for banks or securities firms.

Press the person-shaped icon at the top right -> Personalization -> Basic Authentication (KYC) to start identity authentication. It is divided into advanced certification and basic certification, and you can withdraw up to 80BTC (about 2.4 billion won) a day just by basic certification, so you don’t have to do advanced certification!

If you enter the identity authentication page, you will see this window, and the nationality is automatically selected as Korea, so there is no need to modify it. Even if you write your name and last name in Korean, not English, the authentication will be normal. For the type of ID card, you can enter the means to authenticate, and for the ID number, you can enter the passport number and the driver’s license number.

Finally, if you upload and submit an ID photo, all the KYC certification process will be completed

Next, to check the event held on the MEXC exchange, you can press the banner on the main page or enter the futures trading -> event menu.

You can check out another event by clicking the Receive $1000 button

In this way, you can receive a gift gift of $5/10/20 for the first 300 tether/500 tether/2000 tether, and receive dollars as an event for the first futures transaction completion or cumulative transaction! In addition, there are many other events in progress, so it would be good to take a look one by one and find one that meets the conditions.

This was the introduction of how to sign up for the MEXC exchange, fees, and events

The fact that you are responsible for all investments!

Please keep that in mind