Find out the types of marketers, jobs, and recruitment companies!

Marketing Ecosystem

Marketing is divided into industries. We need to communicate well with each other 톡톡 미디어 It’s either for yourself or for professional agencies. This increases the number of participants in the middle bridge role.

1. Marketer/advertising agency AE: Responsible for executing actual advertisements by communicating with people who have requested marketing of products/services, etc

2. Advertiser/Marketing Request (RFP): A marketing request may be received from inside the company or a request for a request may be received from outside the company

Knowing this marketing ecosystem makes it easier to understand the role of a marketer

Purchase journey

Depending on the purchase schedule, the media to be promoted varies

Media Mix – Promote a mix of different media depending on budget and situation

Earned Media: influencer

Owned Media: Corporate SNS/blogging

Types of marketers

In particular, today, we presented the roles and tasks of various marketers in groups and found supporting companies that could work as marketers

Distribution of marketers to be investigated

It was a short time, but each team has done a very good job of researching various marketers

It would be good for each marketer to check the necessary capabilities or tasks and write down the contents to be written in his/her CV or resume in the future.

1. Gross marketer: A marketer who performs all activities to find and grow the market to which the product belongs

1) Job description: Deriving ideas, establishing strategies, and implementing marketing strategies

2) Required competencies: data analysis tool experience, communication skills, collaboration skills, problem solving skills

3) Recruitment companies: Cleantopia, Java, Chrome Innovation, Constant

• Instructor’s opinion – If you wrote down interview marketing terms in your cover letter or resume, you should be able to explain

2. Content marketer: A marketer who creates empathy and motivation by delivering stories that customers want to hear, and consistently and continuously leads communication between our brand and customers

1) Business details

: Using on-media (SNS), planning, production, operation, management, homepage/detailed page/promotion planning

2) Required competencies

: Video tool use, collaboration ability, campaign planning/operation planning ability, portfolio submission required

3) a recruiting company

: Fast Five, Siwon School, Lemonade, Blooming

• Instructor’s opinion – A job to see if an individual has run an SNS channel

3. Performance marketer: A person who establishes a marketing strategy based on data and makes decisions to improve performance

1) Business details

: KPI setting by media, data-based marketing strategy establishment, and advertisement execution by channel

2) Required competencies

: Planning ability, communication ability, problem solving ability, data analysis ability, creative ability (preferred conditions: statistical tools, advertising tracking tools, advertising execution ability)

3) a recruiting company

: Yanadoo, Pet Friends

• Instructor’s opinion – You can understand the relationship between the company and its partner by looking at the ability to communicate between media companies and lab companies, and if you open Facebook Ads deeply, it can be easy to apply (I hope you can self-serve)

4. AE: A marketer who is in charge of communication with customers as an employee of an advertising company or a public relations agency, establishes an advertising plan or public relations plan for the client, and directs advertising or public relations activities

1) Job details: establishment of advertising planning, proposal for advertiser meetings, overall concept, idea suggestion and arrangement, establishing strategic direction for operators, distributing tasks within the deadline, and setting budgets

2) Required competencies: persuasion, communication skills, scheduling skills, patience, data analysis skills

3) Recruitment company: Plant Corporation, Depocast, Daeheung Planning

• Instructor’s opinion – I think it’s vaguely the image of a marketer. Advertising planning is actually ambiguous in position. You should be able to read the advertiser’s thoughts and make suggestions

5. CRM marketers: marketers who manage existing customers to create more value

1) Business contents: Establishing marketing strategies through customer data analysis and conducting customer management

2) Required competencies: Data tool literacy, data analysis, and communication skills

3) Recruitment Company: About Pet, Perfume Graffiti

• Instructor’s opinion – CRM needs to be a regular business, customer data analysis ability by step/time, and it is difficult to start with external training alone without practice

6. Brand marketer: By overseeing the brand, services and products

1) Business contents: Consumer and market trend analysis, SNS advertising content planning and operation management,

2) Required competencies: communication, data analysis and strategy establishment, search ability, logical analysis ability, and multi-faceted interest

3) Recruitment companies: Brick Nine, Ringtie, JL Ventures, Munto

• Instructor’s opinion – Branding itself is difficult, and there are many contacts with content marketers. Brand marketing takes a long time, and there are many different things that go into the job posting, so you have to set up a detailed strategy after looking at the announcement