Find out the types of marketers, jobs, and recruitment companies!

Marketing Ecosystem

Marketing is divided into industries. We need to communicate well with each other 톡톡 미디어 It’s either for yourself or for professional agencies. This increases the number of participants in the middle bridge role.

1. Marketer/advertising agency AE: Responsible for executing actual advertisements by communicating with people who have requested marketing of products/services, etc

2. Advertiser/Marketing Request (RFP): A marketing request may be received from inside the company or a request for a request may be received from outside the company

Knowing this marketing ecosystem makes it easier to understand the role of a marketer

Purchase journey

Depending on the purchase schedule, the media to be promoted varies

Media Mix – Promote a mix of different media depending on budget and situation

Earned Media: influencer

Owned Media: Corporate SNS/blogging

Types of marketers

In particular, today, we presented the roles and tasks of various marketers in groups and found supporting companies that could work as marketers

Distribution of marketers to be investigated

It was a short time, but each team has done a very good job of researching various marketers

It would be good for each marketer to check the necessary capabilities or tasks and write down the contents to be written in his/her CV or resume in the future.

1. Gross marketer: A marketer who performs all activities to find and grow the market to which the product belongs

1) Job description: Deriving ideas, establishing strategies, and implementing marketing strategies

2) Required competencies: data analysis tool experience, communication skills, collaboration skills, problem solving skills

3) Recruitment companies: Cleantopia, Java, Chrome Innovation, Constant

• Instructor’s opinion – If you wrote down interview marketing terms in your cover letter or resume, you should be able to explain

2. Content marketer: A marketer who creates empathy and motivation by delivering stories that customers want to hear, and consistently and continuously leads communication between our brand and customers

1) Business details

: Using on-media (SNS), planning, production, operation, management, homepage/detailed page/promotion planning

2) Required competencies

: Video tool use, collaboration ability, campaign planning/operation planning ability, portfolio submission required

3) a recruiting company

: Fast Five, Siwon School, Lemonade, Blooming

• Instructor’s opinion – A job to see if an individual has run an SNS channel

3. Performance marketer: A person who establishes a marketing strategy based on data and makes decisions to improve performance

1) Business details

: KPI setting by media, data-based marketing strategy establishment, and advertisement execution by channel

2) Required competencies

: Planning ability, communication ability, problem solving ability, data analysis ability, creative ability (preferred conditions: statistical tools, advertising tracking tools, advertising execution ability)

3) a recruiting company

: Yanadoo, Pet Friends

• Instructor’s opinion – You can understand the relationship between the company and its partner by looking at the ability to communicate between media companies and lab companies, and if you open Facebook Ads deeply, it can be easy to apply (I hope you can self-serve)

4. AE: A marketer who is in charge of communication with customers as an employee of an advertising company or a public relations agency, establishes an advertising plan or public relations plan for the client, and directs advertising or public relations activities

1) Job details: establishment of advertising planning, proposal for advertiser meetings, overall concept, idea suggestion and arrangement, establishing strategic direction for operators, distributing tasks within the deadline, and setting budgets

2) Required competencies: persuasion, communication skills, scheduling skills, patience, data analysis skills

3) Recruitment company: Plant Corporation, Depocast, Daeheung Planning

• Instructor’s opinion – I think it’s vaguely the image of a marketer. Advertising planning is actually ambiguous in position. You should be able to read the advertiser’s thoughts and make suggestions

5. CRM marketers: marketers who manage existing customers to create more value

1) Business contents: Establishing marketing strategies through customer data analysis and conducting customer management

2) Required competencies: Data tool literacy, data analysis, and communication skills

3) Recruitment Company: About Pet, Perfume Graffiti

• Instructor’s opinion – CRM needs to be a regular business, customer data analysis ability by step/time, and it is difficult to start with external training alone without practice

6. Brand marketer: By overseeing the brand, services and products

1) Business contents: Consumer and market trend analysis, SNS advertising content planning and operation management,

2) Required competencies: communication, data analysis and strategy establishment, search ability, logical analysis ability, and multi-faceted interest

3) Recruitment companies: Brick Nine, Ringtie, JL Ventures, Munto

• Instructor’s opinion – Branding itself is difficult, and there are many contacts with content marketers. Brand marketing takes a long time, and there are many different things that go into the job posting, so you have to set up a detailed strategy after looking at the announcement

What kind of coin is Solar’s coin?

It is a Solana coin that was once said to be a coin to replace Ethereum. I can’t deny that the credibility of the hacking problem has decreased a lot since last year. 바이낸스 거래소 사이트 What kind of coin is Solar’s coin? Solana Coin is a blockchain platform developed by Solana Labs. Unlike other blockchains of PoW (Proof of Work) or PoS (Proof of Equity), it is a hybrid blockchain that combines PoS (Proof of Equity) and PoH (Proof of History).

‘Proof of work’ is a method of receiving compensation for computational work using a graphic card, and ‘Proof of equity’ means compensation for depositing the coin.

Until now, many blockchains have emphasized that they are “Etherium killers” and have put forward new methods of proof. Solana Coin also received attention for its historical proof (PoH) that it is its own technology.

Solana’s historical proof (PoH) is a cryptographic proof that time has passed between the two events.

Solana Coin, ranked ninth in market capitalization

Currently, it is ranked 9th in the cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization, and the specifications of computers used to operate nodes are only very high, so it has grown rapidly with high performance.

Compared to Bebe, where Ethereum handles about 30 transactions per second, Solana can handle more than 60,000 transactions per second. The transmission fee is also less than 1 won, which is very cheap compared to the fees of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The reason why Ethereum recently upgraded Ethereum 2.0 is because it wants to improve Ethereum’s problems as a number of Ethereum-based NFTs or defies are running.

Solana is a Layer 1 coin that allows various projects to run on its own blockchain base, and it is the only blockchain that can be expanded among Layer 1 coins. In other words, there are many DApps that can build an ecosystem based on Solar.

This made it the fastest-growing Layer 1 coin in 2021.

The price of Solana, which was around $1 in November 2020, reached $260 in November 2021, which has grown hundreds of times.

However, as Solar and Coin’s repeated hacking and server outages continue, doubts about Solar and Coin’s technology are gradually increasing.

Solar and Coin’s Anxiety

The Solana network had already been paralyzed in September 2021, and a total of nine network problems occurred in January 2022 alone.

In February 2022, a wormhole, a bridge service that crosses Solar Labs’ chain, was hacked and about 3,900 won worth of virtual assets were stolen.

Warmhole is a service that enables transactions between Solana and other blockchain platforms. At that time, about 120,000 wETHs were stolen by hackers.

WETH (Lab Durium) is a virtual asset that is tied up to allow ERC-20 coins and Ethereum to be traded, maintaining a 1:1 value with Ethereum.

The damage caused by the wormhole hacking incident is the fourth-largest in the history of virtual assets and the second-largest in the defy area. This suggests that security for solar or blockchain-based defy services is too weak to keep up with the size of the funding.

As a result, Solana’s technology and security have been flawed and the market has begun to lose confidence.

Solana’s network stability problem was also a problem in May. The hacking paralyzed the entire network for seven hours. The “Candy Machine,” an NFT publishing tool based on Solana, was attacked by hackers with swarms, and rather, normal verifiers were pushed out of the consensus algorithm. At that time, Solana’s side couldn’t analyze the hacker’s attack method.

In this situation, once again today, Solar’s hacking problem erupted.

The hacking that occurred today is said to have stolen coins from addresses that have not been accessed for more than six months among “Phantom” and “Slope,” which are Solana-based wallet services.

Hackers have already hacked more than six million dollars of coins from thousands of wallets. Considering that the signature of the actual owner has been made, it seems that the private key of the wallet has been exposed.

As a result, domestic exchanges have stopped depositing and withdrawing Solana, and Upbit has stopped depositing and withdrawing to Stephen (GMT), a Solana-based NFT coin.

Upbit’s Solana and Stephen’s Notice of Suspension of Deposit

Experts recommend that browser-based wallet users with Solana’s service should release their wallets and use Cold Wallet.

The speed of transaction processing is important for blockchain, but the most important thing is the stability and security of the network.

It remains to be seen whether Solana, who remains ninth in the market capitalization despite the continuing hacking issue, will be able to maintain it in the future.

On the other hand, if these major coin hacking issues occur, we can expect the market to fall.

You have to use the Futures Exchange to make a profit by betting in the direction of the decline.

What is FOMC?

Now, those of you who are interested in the economy at all are going to come across the term FOMC all too often. Even in the early morning of July 27, many people waited for the announcement of the FOMC’s position. 바이비트 This is because not only the NASDAQ index, but also the Korean stock market and the global cryptocurrency market may fluctuate depending on the words of Jerome Powell, chairman of the FOMC.

Many people expected a rate hike once again following the giant step (0.75% interest rate hike) announced at the last FOMC. As a result, short selling (short position) was very dominant in the bitcoin market.

Bitcoin prices rose 13% in one day

However, the market turned upward before the announcement of the FOMC, contrary to expectations In particular, it began to rise explosively from the dawn of the 27th when the announcement was made. In just one day, more than 13% of the respondents were literally “rising.”

In a way, it seems that the forces or institutions that draw the bitcoin chart have taken advantage of the public’s psychology to liquidate the short force.

So let’s take a look at what FOMC is and what’s important that was announced on July 27.

What is FOMC?

First of all, the U.S. institution such as the Bank of Korea is the Federal Reserve. It’s also known as ‘Yeonjun’. Founded in 1913, the current chairman is Jerome Powell. Seven president-appointed and Senate-approved directors form the Federal Reserve.

Since the Federal Reserve is completely independent of the U.S. government, it is famous that there were frequent conflicts between Trump and Chairman Jerome Powell under President Trump. President Trump can dismiss Powell, but he is completely independent in his duties.

A typical thing the Fed does is issue the U.S. dollar. In addition, it is involved in the overall U.S. monetary policy, including changes in the reserve ratio, stock trading regulations, regulations on bank regular deposit rates, and decisions on the Federal Bank’s re-discount rate.

At first glance, the Fed seems like a government agency, but it is a private bank with a 100% stake owned by a private bank like JP Morgan. So there are many times when it conflicts with government policy.

FOMC stands for the Federal Open Market Committee, which controls the amount of dollars in the United States. So issuing dollars is what the Fed does and controlling the dollar in circulation is what the FOMC does.

The committee consists of 12 members, seven of whom are elected by the Federal Reserve Board and five representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank by region.

The way the FOMC controls the amount of dollars is by buying bonds from financial markets. If the FOMC determines the right interest rate and the amount of bonds to buy, the New York Federal Reserve will buy and sell bonds directly in the financial market.

If you buy a bond, the dollar is released on the market, and if you sell the bond, the dollar on the market is reduced.

The FOMC’s decision is made by 12 votes. Seven of the 12 chapters are held by the Fed’s directors, one each. The other five chapters will have 12 Federal Reserve Governors holding the right to vote sequentially.

The meetings of the FOMC are generally held about eight times a year and are held every six weeks. And the latest meeting was in the early morning of July 27th, Korean time.

July 27 FOMC highlights

The Fed carried out the same giant step (0.75% base rate hike) at the last meeting through the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). This reversed interest rates between the United States and Korea.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell suggests there may be a bigger rate hike in September.

The main concern now is to control inflation in the U.S. But it’s also a problem that’s causing the economy to stagnate. Greenspan, the former Fed chairman, has already warned of stagflation in the U.S.

Jerome says the U.S. economy is not currently in recession and the job market is very healthy.

What is the situation that the Korea-U.S. interest rate reversal will bring?

A series of giant steps by the FOMC caused the U.S. interest rate to rise above the Korean interest rate. This is the first time in two and a half years.

If foreign funds move from home to the U.S. in pursuit of high interest rates, the value of the won could be lowered. If the branches of the won are lowered, the won that you have to pay for importing the same thing will increase, and there is a risk that prices will rise further.

So despite the U.S. interest rate hike, what the authorities have to manage is the outflow of foreign funds.


Deputy Prime Minister Choo Kyung-ho dismissed these market concerns at a macroeconomic and financial meeting. It refers to the fact that foreigners’ investment in domestic securities has increased even in the past three reversal cases between the Korea-U.S. interest rates. Concerns over the outflow of foreign funds will have a more impact on the fundamentals of the Korean economy and the global situation than on the interest rate gap between South Korea and the U.S.

Meanwhile, despite the reversal of interest rates between South Korea and the U.S., the Bank of Korea is unlikely to raise domestic interest rates to the level of giant steps immediately.

Lee Chang-yong, governor of the Bank of Korea, also said it is desirable to raise interest rates by 0.25% sequentially for the time being.

This is due to the negative impact on the economy if domestic interest rates are raised excessively. Analysts say that every 0.25% increase in the domestic benchmark interest rate has the adverse effect of a 0.15% slowdown in both private consumption and facility investment.


Right now, the FOMC last night doesn’t look negative.

Rather, NASDAQ, the Korean stock market, and the virtual currency market soared all at once.

As concerns over the rise of more than the Giant Step have been resolved and uncertainties have been resolved for six weeks, some predict that Bitcoin is worth expecting 25k and 30k.

But I think we still have to wait and see if it’s a complete transition to the top.

I hope you all make a good fight with a wise decision.

This article will introduce

It seems like a fire has come to the coin market for the first time in a long time. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic rose 9.4%/17.5% respectively ahead of the 2.0 update. In the case of Eichl, it has already more than doubled compared to five days ago, and Ethercoin, the leader of Alts, has also risen more than 40%. ​

As expected, the coin board has been quiet since the sound of the wailing came outI feel like I’m repeating myself at some point Haha

In this rebound, it is possible to make profits with Upbit, a domestic exchange, but some people may be looking for an option to make more profits by using the futures trading function of overseas exchanges

For those people, this article will introduce MEXC, an overseas crypto exchange

Sign up for MEXC and events

MEXC is an emerging overseas coin exchange, with MX, a dedicated token, and various functions that are not supported in Korea, such as “Kickstarter/Lunch Pad/M-DAY/Gift Trade.” In particular, if you use futures trading, you can also use leverage using investments larger than your own capital

However, it is important to note that since it is an overseas coin exchange, it is possible to deposit and withdraw funds without any “travel rules” problems only when you sign up for the exchange in the name registered with Upbit or Bithumb in Korea. Before signing up, you must sign up with a name & mobile phone number that matches Upbit or Bithumb and obtain KYC certification

Otherwise, if you send funds recklessly and get caught in a travel rule, you have to submit almost 10 documents to Upbit in your photo on your seal certificate, which is really annoying. It’s easy to collect if you send the wrong Tron, but it’s really bad if you mistakenly deposit a ripple with a destination tag

Also, the biggest advantage of MEXC is that it supports Korean even though it is an overseas exchange

If you go to the main site, 100% Korean is supported in this way, and a fee exemption event for Tron/Ripple, a coin for transmission, is underway, and an event is also underway to pay futures transactions when new members deposit funds only. In addition, there are many other events such as friend invitation events and futures trading volume achievement events.

Check out the details at the bottom of the article!

The next thing to look at is the fee system of the MEXC exchange. I think it’s the most important part, but if you take 0.25% as tax like domestic stocks or pay 0.1% as transaction fees like overseas stocks and get 22% of transfer taxes, it will be difficult to hit a single hit and there will be nothing left even if you make money. The exchange shows a reasonable fee

It is a low commission rate of 0.02% of the designated price fee and 0.04% of the market price fee when trading futures. The difference between the designated price and the market price is not to buy coins immediately, but to wait for a purchase or sale order at the asking price range in advance and sign an order when it comes to my order, and the market price is trading immediately at the current asking price.

It would be good to keep in mind that if you make an immediate transaction at the market price, you can quickly grab a position, but the fee is a little expensive at 0.04%.

However, if it is 0.02% for 100 million won worth of coin transactions, the fee is 20,000 won/0.04% and the fee is about 40,000 won, so please refer to it. And originally, the transaction fee on the MEXC exchange is 0.06% of the market price, but it is the invitation code to be guided below, and it is applied as an SVIP grade when signing up as a member, and a 0.04% fee is applied.

Therefore, it would be better to sign up as SVIP grade if possible

Simply sign up for membership & KYC certification

Let’s do it!


It is very simple to receive commission benefits with the SVIP rating and how to sign up for membership, and if you sign up by cell phone or e-mail after entering the link box above, it will be completed simply.

You can put at least one case and special character in the password, and sign up after receiving the authentication code. Promotional code is automatically applied [mexc-HZHZ] If you leave the code, you will automatically receive a 0.04% discount!

I’ve signed up so far, but next, it’s better to authenticate KYC’s identity. It is the same concept as ID authentication used to create stock accounts for banks or securities firms.

Press the person-shaped icon at the top right -> Personalization -> Basic Authentication (KYC) to start identity authentication. It is divided into advanced certification and basic certification, and you can withdraw up to 80BTC (about 2.4 billion won) a day just by basic certification, so you don’t have to do advanced certification!

If you enter the identity authentication page, you will see this window, and the nationality is automatically selected as Korea, so there is no need to modify it. Even if you write your name and last name in Korean, not English, the authentication will be normal. For the type of ID card, you can enter the means to authenticate, and for the ID number, you can enter the passport number and the driver’s license number.

Finally, if you upload and submit an ID photo, all the KYC certification process will be completed

Next, to check the event held on the MEXC exchange, you can press the banner on the main page or enter the futures trading -> event menu.

You can check out another event by clicking the Receive $1000 button

In this way, you can receive a gift gift of $5/10/20 for the first 300 tether/500 tether/2000 tether, and receive dollars as an event for the first futures transaction completion or cumulative transaction! In addition, there are many other events in progress, so it would be good to take a look one by one and find one that meets the conditions.

This was the introduction of how to sign up for the MEXC exchange, fees, and events

The fact that you are responsible for all investments!

Please keep that in mind